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JMBC 2024 theme

Rebuilding what matters most

Nehemiah 4:6

Discover the transformative power of rebuilding what matters most in our church community. As we prioritize genuine connections, meaningful service, and shared growth, lives are profoundly impacted. Experience the difference as we unite to strengthen bonds, uplift spirits, and make a lasting difference in each other's lives. Join us on this journey of renewal and enrichment, where every contribution, big or small, shapes a brighter future for all.

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4 pillars 

to rebuilding what matters most



Empowerment Through Faith 

Through worship, we find strength and empowerment in our shared faith, mirroring Nehemiah's trust in God's guidance.



Steadfast Commitment to Service

Our dedication to service forms the foundation of our work, mirroring Nehemiah's unwavering commitment to his task.



Courage in the Face of Challenges

Like Nehemiah, we boldly witness to our faith, facing challenges with courage and conviction.



Unity in Purpose

Together, we walk in unity towards rebuilding what matters most, inspired by Nehemiah's teamwork in Jerusalem.

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