Spiritual development doesn't just take place on Sundays. At Jones Memorial, we are committed to continuous study and prayer every day of the week. 

Take charge of your spiritual development with our study and prayer resources which include Wednesday Bible Study, Sunday School Classes, Weekly Prayer, and Scripture Learnings.

bible study


12 Noon & 7:00 PM

For Afternoon Study, prayer begins at noon directly followed by study. Evening Study  begins at 7 PM.

To join, dial 978-990-5001 and enter the access code 8699687#.


Lesson: The Book of James

youth bible study

postponed until further notice

We aim to help young believers develop an authentic relationship with God. Our monthly Youth Bible studies take place on the second Saturdays of each month for youth ages 3 and up. Due to the 

Next Class: Postponed

Lesson: To Be Determined

sunday church school


9:00 AM

Until further notice, there will be one Sunday School class led by Pastor Lee every Sunday at 9:00 AM.


To join, dial 978-990-5001 and enter the access code 8699687#.

Important information

In an effort to keep everyone's safety at the forefront during this COVID-19 pandemic, while still ensuring that ministry still moves forward, all services, events, and fellowships will be done virtually or postponed.

For more information on how JMBC is responding to the coronavirus crisis, click here.

jmbc prayer line

Are you looking for ways to develop your Prayer Life? Between weekday prayer and our monthly prayer calendar, you can find what works for you. This month's prayer theme is: "Growing in the Spirit of Christ through our Goodness"


Join us on the Prayer Line each day 6 AM, Noon, 6 PM and Wednesdays at 6 AM only as we pray the A.C.T.S. prayer:

  • Adoration  Express praises to the Lord

  • Confession  Confess our sins

  • Thanksgiving  Thank the Lord for who He is and what He's done

  • Supplication  Intercede for others​


Conference Line Instructions:

Dial: 1-515-603-3168   |   Access code: 273965#


Once we begin, please do not announce yourself. To mute the phone upon joining the call, dial *6. Dialing *6 again will unmute the line. You can also use the mute button on your house/cell phone, instead of using the *6 option.

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