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Dr. Paul R. Lee was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and is a graduate of Harrison Central High School, Lyman, Mississippi. His undergraduate work was done at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education/Corrective Therapy. His theological training was done at the Lift Bible College of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Dr. Lee has been in the ministry for over 43 years.

Prior to his pastorate, he utilized some of his professional talents by working as a therapist at the VA Medical Center of Lebanon, PA. During this period, he started full-time pastoring. He pastored the Friendship Baptist Church of York, PA for 8 years before going to Jones Memorial Baptist Church in October 1987.

Dr. Paul R. Lee is the pastor of the Jones Memorial Baptist Church. During his 36 years at Jones, Dr. Paul R. Lee has established a living and vigorous ministry teaching and training a fundamentally sound Bible foundation based on the vision the Lord gave to him. As a result, an evangelism curriculum was implemented that is about soul-winning and discipleship. After a 3-year intense study program by each student to the evangelism curriculum, the first graduation commencement was held in 1996. This ministry has developed teachers, preachers and strong leaders that share the Pastor’s vision of an evangelism/discipleship-training institute.


Dr. Paul R. Lee is regularly called upon to serve as an advisor/counselor, teacher, preacher, and administrative strong arm, by churches throughout the United States with a tremendously growing following.


Dr. Paul R. Lee never hesitates to share resources such as books, material, knowledge and insight. Based on God’s direction, a formalized purpose statement was developed for the Jones Memorial Baptist Church and our purpose is to Worship the Lord, Witness for the Lord, Work for the Lord and to Walk with the Lord and one another.


He is a member of the National Baptist Convention USA Inc. He is currently one of the instructors in the National Baptist Convention USA Inc., Congress of Christian Education-Ministers division that takes place in June. He is an instructor for the National Baptist Convention, USA Inc., Sunday School Publishing Board, and Christian Educator’s Conference that takes place in December in Nashville, TN. He has also taught the New Testament at the York Bible Institute of York, PA and the Old Testament at the Philadelphia Bible College and Seminary of Baltimore, Maryland. He currently serves as the 2nd Vice President for the Baptist Pastors & Ministers Conference Philadelphia & Vicinity.


He is married to the former Dale Sharpe and together they have five children and a host of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His future plans are to further his education and continue to prepare himself for God’s plan for his life and the ministry assignment that has been given to him.

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