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We conducted an analysis with employees, which showed that analogues of the object were sold at prices ranging from 10,000,000 to 12,000,000 rubles. Therefore, taking into account the costs of eviction, we offered a price of 9,500,000 rubles, which will allow, after improvement, to resell the object at a price close to 11,000,000 rubles - so that there is an opportunity to earn money. In the final protocol, we saw professional players who also repeated our offer, and the winner, who offered 11.500.000 for the object

Even if he went to buy an object from the market through advertising on portals and found the most expensive object for 12.500.000 rubles, then after the auction he could get the price of 11.900.000. Taking into account the fact that he will have to evict tenants from the apartment, and the fact that he will probably live in this apartment himself, which means that he will invest in restoration, this is a Pyrrhic victory.

Therefore, when buying an object, find out the range of real transactions for the last period, and do not rely on the advertising fantasies of the owners who put their objects in advertising.

Mistake No. 3. Nobody considers the subsequent problems.



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